3 Steps to Personal Financial Success – Part III: Save Some Money

Obviously, you cannot be a financial success if you don’t have any money or are not living the lifestyle that you envisioned. Question: Do you know what your net worth is? Many people don’t and are afraid to even try to determine what it is. It may just be the one thing to get you taking action towards saving your money.

How Much to Save?

Most say save 10% of your income. I say save more, but it all really depends on how much debt you are currently working with and where you want to be in the next year, 10 years, or by retirement (This should be determined in your goals. Read Part I of this series). If you are looking to retire in 30 years, investing $300 a month at 8% will yield you roughly $440,000. Enough for some to retire on, and probably a whole lot more than where you are currently headed.

What if I have Debt(s)?

If you have debt, it is important to get that debt out of the way. The logic here is that most credit card interest rates are upward of 12%. If you have debt on that card, but decide to save your money in an account earning 5-8%, you are losing money.

So what to do? Save enough for a cushion. Determine how much you may need for quick emergency cash such as $1000 – $2000 dollars, and save this amount. Once there, devote however much you were putting away into these accounts to paying off your debt as quickly as possible.

What Financial Vehicle should I use to save My Money?

Good question. There are many options that will get you where you want to be. When I think about where I want to save my money I think of 8 things:

1. What is my purpose for saving this money? (Very Important)

2. How much of a risk am I willing to take?

3. Will I be able to get to my money quickly?

4. Are there any penalties for getting my money?

5. How much do I want to save?

6. What reputable company should I save / invest with?

7. How much am I able to put aside monthly to achieve this?

8. How long will I be saving for?

I recommend separating your savings into multiple accounts (Christmas savings, car savings, retirement savings, etc.) and for each, make choices that will be conducive to how you will use the accounts.

If you are saving for a car for 1 year, you may want to use a 1or 2 yr CD. If you are saving for Christmas you can do the 1yr CD or use a Money Market account to allow you to get to your money if you have an emergency before Christmas and have to sacrifice some funds. If it is retirement you are saving for, there are numerous annuities, the most famous being the Traditional and Roth IRA which provide significant tax advantages depending on how you use them.



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Importance Of Sports In Life

What is Sports?

S-Social abilities

P-Physical Fitness



T-Team Work

S-Stress Tolerance

Game is critical in our life. It is famous among individuals of all ages on the grounds that it offers them to keep some assistance with fitting. Numerous individuals who go in for games have a great deal of points of interest in examination with the individuals who don’t care for game. Games is imperative for achievement in each strolls of our life. Recreations and games incorporate all outside and indoor amusements. Games is a vital part of life these days. Games keep us solid and fit. It offers us a change from everyday life exercises. Games enhances our mental quality and keeps us fit. Games and amusements give us chance to develop in life rationally and physically.

Amid games we come to realize numerous new things. It make us figure out how to handle the troublesome circumstance. Games build up a feeling of kind disposition among us. It creates camaraderie in us. It helps in creating mental and physical sturdiness. It enhances our proficiency. Either study or work alone makes us deplete. So games is important in our life. Each one ought to dependably play a game once every week to keep themselves fit and fine.

Games are essential piece of instruction. Instruction without games is fragmented. Keeping their quality in life, Students are taught different diversions in ahead of schedule stage in school. So brandishes rivalry are held in schools and school level. Those understudies who peform well are elevated to play at national and universal level. Games can be a bearer creating choice for some understudies.

Significance of Sports

€ They are a decent practice and manufacture fine physique.It makes us rationally caution and physically solid.

€ We figure out how to adapt to troublesome circumstances.

€ Sports are great redirection for understudies and gives them vitality to learn lessons.

There goes a decent axiom which says€”€All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy€.

These days games is great method for gaining. The games individual who wells in games gets great popularity and cash. He turns into a legend overnight with the approach of different groups like Indian Premier League in Cricket,Indian Super League in Football and Pro kabbadi association in kabbadi as nearby players inspire opportunity to play with parcel of universal players. Games are great method for income for some individuals.

There are 2 sorts of Sports Indoor and Outdoor Games. In Indoor amusements are played inside a house eg-table tennis,snooker and carrom and so forth and outside are played at a grounds eg-cricket,football and hocke.